Leia, a provider of Lightfield hardware and content services, supplier Continental and location data and technology platform Here Technologies are collaborating to bring 3D maps and navigation to Lightfield displays for automotive OEMs.

The companies will use Here Premier 3D Cities, which are high-fidelity, 3D models of 75 global city centres, enabling software developers to build real-world visualisations. Premier 3D Cities is claimed to contain "rich data layers and attributes that are aligned to physical geometry and terrain. Each structure within the models is indexed, addressable, and accurate in terms of physical location, volume size, elevation and facade colour".

The 3D depiction of buildings and topography can be displayed in Continental automotive displays using Leia Lightfield software which allows for the viewing of 3D maps for extended periods of time without the need for adaptive eyewear or an eye-tracking sensor.

"Together, [we] are creating a spatial reproduction of the real world that will help drivers better orientate themselves and stay more alert while driving," the three firms said in a joint statement.