Veoneer is to equip an unnamed automaker with a stereo vision camera system, perception software and 77 GHz front and rear radar system.

Veoneer’s fourth generation stereo vision camera system is comprised of fully integrated hardware and perception software.

The camera, mounted behind the rear-view mirror, monitors the forward path of the vehicle to provide information to the vehicle control system. The system processes and classifies 3D objects (vehicles, motorbikes, pedestrians, lanes, landmarks, signals, posts, et cetera) in a variety of weather conditions. 

Veoneer’s fourth generation stereo vision camera system uses Convolutional Neural Network technology for free space and small obstacle detection to manoeuvre safely through construction areas and within road boundaries.

The supplier says its latest generation of advanced 77GHz radars provide more reliable and accurate situational awareness of vulnerable road users, pedestrians and bicyclists as input to the vehicle safety system. The radar design uses super-pulse modulation techniques for enhanced perception and operates at  a distance up to 150 metres with high range resolution and supreme angular accuracy.

The radars have 50% more range in the rear corners to detect motorcycles and more than 100% more range in the front corners.

“We are excited to see Veoneer’s most advanced stereo vision cameras, perception software and radars being used as critical building blocks in the debut of our customer’s most advanced vehicle programme,” said Veoneer chairman, president and CEO, Jan Carlson.