Israel-based manufacturer of sensors Vayyar claims its 3D sensors can provide a detailed look inside the car, extending to key information about driver and passengers. It says the 3D image radar sensor tech it has developed doesn’t use optical image capture and is also better from a privacy perspective than cameras.

The embedded sensors can provide real-time info about what’s going on inside a car, including monitoring passenger vital signs, and even keeping track of whether a driver is nodding off behind the wheel.

Vayyar says its unique chip creates high-resolution images in real time based on advanced RF technology.

The company also maintains that future autonomous cars could also use the tech to optimise safety, deploying appropriate airbags tailored to the actual vehicle’s passengers and positions in case of an accident. Future autonomous car in-vehicle services could also make use of the tech, for example in tailoring display and delivery of the information on in-car displays and modifying environment controls, for instance.

Beyond interior monitoring, the 3D sensors created by Vayyar also have applications in terms of monitoring the area immediately surrounding the vehicle, “removing all blind spots” according to the company. They work, Vayyar claims, regardless of light levels, and environmental obstructions like fog or extreme heat, again giving them advantages over optical sensing hardware.

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