Valeo is to acquire 50% of the capital of Cloudmade, a developer of big data-driven automotive solutions such as machine learning platforms.

CloudMade is a start-up in machine learning and artificial intelligence, with a focus on designing applications for the car industry.

Valeo says its background in the technologies required to develop driving assistance applications (sensors, cameras and laser scanners) as well as connectivity, human-machine interface and thermal climate control solutions, combined with CloudMade’s command of big data processing, artificial intelligence and predictive engines, will allow CloudMade to provide its carmaker customers with solutions to adapt driving assistance functions to the profile of each individual driver.

Data from just-auto’s QUBE service notes as of mid-October 2016, the Valeo group had 148 plants, 19 research and 35 development centres, 15 distribution platforms and employed 88,800 people in 32 countries worldwide.

Nine new sites (and 11 extensions) were completed in 2015, and one new site (and five extensions) were reported to be in progress as of the end of the year.