Want to get a glimpse of the future? Take your first drive inside nine General Motors concept cars — of which at least six may soon roll off the assembly line!

TheCarConnection.com gets the first chance to drive the amazing retro Chevrolet SSR, as well as the massive Hummer H2, the luxurious Cadillac Imaj, the breakthrough GMC Terradyne, and the other GM show cars making the rounds this year. We’ll tell you what they’re like, then give you the odds on which ones will make it into production.

Technical problems have pushed back the launch of the reborn roadster, but the Ford Thunderbird is finally scheduled for production next Spring as a 2000 model. TheCarConnection.com has all the breaking news in this week’s edition.

Our special post-holiday edition also includes an array of first-time reviews. Slip into the saddle for a test drive of the luxuriousness new 2001 Mercedes-Benz C-Class — then catch more on what’s coming in a one-on-one with the carmaker’s number two executive, Jurgen Hubbert. Catch a ride as we check out Ford’s all-new Escape sport-ute, then check out our spy shots of the macho Mustang Cobra Jet.

Take a long detour with TCC Correspondent Jim McCraw as he takes One Lap of America. And go behind the scenes for some big changes at the Indianapolis Brickyard.

We’ve got the skinny on the indictment of former General Motors purchasing chief Ignaki Lopez, and the latest on the airbags debate.

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