Toyota will target buyers aged 16 and 30 with an all-new car line by 2005 or 2006.

Citing Toyota Motor Sales chief operating officer James E. Press, The Car Connection website (TCC) said the “youthmobile” would not be like any other Toyota vehicle currently on sale in the U.S.

TCC cited Press as saying that the car would not be a variation on the current Echo (Yaris/Vitz), Matrix or Prius but would be affordable for its target market with all the features they want in a car. A full range of body styles will be offered.

“It is a dealer-driven initiative,” Press told TCC at a national car dealers conference. “Our dealers are finding their average customers age up to 45. We need an entry-level car for new drivers, college students and career starters in their 20s. It#;s a huge market and growing bigger all the time.”

According to TCC, Press said that the new vehicle would be aimed at the US market first and is being developed by TMS in conjunction with a pilot group of 10 US Toyota dealers.

TCC said Press gave no further details but claimed the new car would be for “kids who live in their cars and pack them with all their stuff”.