Honda Motor said on Tuesday it would recall 158,187 cars sold in Japan, the United States and some 39 other countries to fix problems with the vehicles’ lights.

There have been no reports of accidents related to the defects, Honda spokeswoman Yuriko Yabe told the Associated Press (AP).

Defective seals around the headlights on the vehicles’ left side could allow water to seep in and keep them from turning on, Honda reportedly said in a statement.

Honda also said it would also fix faulty tape protecting electric circuits in the luggage compartments of some vehicles. Repeated openings and closings of the lid could snap a wire and cause rear lights and registration plate lights to stop working, AP said.

Affected by the recall are 31,102 Accord and Accord Wagon models sold in Japan and produced between October 2002 and June 2004, the report said.

The remaining 127,085 cars, produced between June 2002 and June 2004, were models for export. They were affected only by the defective tape, the company told Associated Press. Those exported include 40,060 Acura TSX sedans shipped to the United States, 16,690 Accord sedans exported to Britain, 11,000 Accords shipped to Australia and about 6,000 Acura TSX sold in Canada.