Motorola and Volcano Communications Technologies (VCT) have announced a strategic alliance to develop future vehicle networking architectures.

The two companies, both founding members of the Lin (Local Interconnect Network) consortium, intend to initially join forces to offer solutions for the LIN standard’s serial networking architecture.

The alliance is expected to offer comprehensive hardware and software solutions for car manufacturers as they face the challenge of networking an increasing number of low end applications, such as door locks, window and mirror control systems. Motorola plans to contribute its DigitalDNA’ silicon and software technology and VCT will offer its tool-chain for design, configuration and maintenance of embedded real-time communications systems.

In March 2000, Motorola joined with Audi, BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Volvo Car Corporation, Volkswagen, and VCT to form the LIN consortium that defined a cost-competitive, sub-bus network solution.

LIN complements Controller Area Network (CAN) solutions by providing customers with lower cost connections within local network clusters. LIN gives automotive manufacturers a flexible and cost effective way to adapt car platforms across all models and generally increase functionality. For instance, application devices can be more easily connected to the car network and be accessible to a range of diagnostics and services.

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