Ford is introducing a new North American model naming policy that will see most new Fords get names beginning with ‘F’ while Mercury models begin with ‘M’, The Detroit News said.

According to the newspaper, Ford plans to change the name of its Windstar minivan when it introduces the all-new version of the vehicle later this month.

The closely guarded new name will begin with the letter ‘F’, the Detroit News said, adding that the redesigned minivan, featuring a new fold-flat third-row seat, an upgraded interior and a more powerful engine, will be shown at the Chicago Auto Show on February 13 and go on sale in September.

Ford division president Steve Lyons told the Detroit News that the majority of Ford’s car and minivan names will begin with ‘F’ from now on though the company doesn’t plan to rename the Mustang coupe or Thunderbird convertible because both names are popular and have historical significance.

The Detroit News said that a similar naming strategy is under way at the company’s Mercury brand where, in addition to the Mountaineer SUV and Marauder sedan, the new Mercury minivan will be called the Monterrey.

Two future Mercury sedans also are likely to have names beginning with M, the newspaper added.