Dana Corporation is to supply Nissan with main driveshafts and rear axles for the 2003 Frontier pickup truck and Xterra sport-utility vehicle to be built in Brazil for sale in Mercosur countries.

Dana will supply driveshafts with maintenance-free universal joints on all 4×2 and 4×4 models for the life of the programme for which volume is projected at 12,000 annually.

Dana will receive Nissan-designed and manufactured centre bearings, assemble them into driveshafts, and then balance the shafts to an extremely tight specification. The new centre-bearing design allows for axial movement in the driveshaft without the need for a slip member. The tighter balance specifications result in a smoother running driveshaft.

The rear axles will feature Dana’s Trac Lok differential and will include improvements such as an enhanced sealing design to meet rigorous Nissan warranty requirements; reinforced wheelend bearings to withstand severe road conditions; and three-axis, dry-cut hypoid ring and pinions for improved fuel efficiency and NVH characteristics.