For the sixth consecutive year, Chrysler Group has been named one of the “Top 50 Best Companies for Hispanic working women,” according to Latina Style magazine. The “Top 50 Companies” is an annual national listing that researches and evaluates more than 600 corporations in the US.

Chrysler said in a press release that the Latina Style “Top 50” is the only poll evaluating corporate America’s responsiveness to the needs and aspirations of the modern Hispanic working woman, as well as the opportunities available to Hispanic women.

“Chrysler Group has the responsibility as an employer to find ways to embrace all aspects of a diverse workforce and incorporate those strengths, talents and educational backgrounds into business success and a fulfilling working environment,” said Monica Emerson, Executive Director – Chrysler Group Corporate Diversity Office.

Chrysler says that it has instituted several programs and initiatives that foster diversity awareness while at the same time embracing all cultures. The company’s Hispanic Employee Resource Group (and five other Resource Groups) work in tandem with Chrysler Group’s Diversity Office to help create and implement diverse initiatives that embrace the entire employee body.

Chrysler says that its diversity initiatives extend beyond the workplace. Last year, Chrysler Group funded the DaimlerChrysler Elected Official Academy Program in California for newly-elected Hispanic leaders. The program will train 150 Hispanic officials on government and legislature and help prepare them to better serve their communities.

“Latina Style recognizes Chrysler Group for its efforts to provide Latinas with the opportunities they need to reach their career goals,” said Robert Bard, President and CEO of Latina Style. “All of the companies profiled in the Latina Style 50 have distinguished themselves by promoting corporate practices that are sensitive to Latinas’ needs.”

The Latina Style “Top 50” list will be distributed to Hispanic professional and civic organizations in the country, major Hispanic conferences, recruitment seminars, national women’s organizations, more than 2,000 colleges and universities, and to all members of Congress, The White House, and the Cabinet.

Companies that participated in the poll were evaluated on issues identified by Latina Style’s readers as the most important to them within the workplace. Those areas included: number of Latina executives, mentoring programs, Latinas on board of directors, educational opportunities, dependent/child care support, benefits, women’s issues and Hispanic relations.