Maxwell Technologies says Peterbilt Motors, a designer and truck manufacturer, is now offering its ultracapacitor-powered Engine Start Module (ESM) on new Model 579 and 567 trucks as a factory-installed option.

The ultracapacitor replaces one traditional battery – reducing weight by up to 60 pounds – and is used to start the vehicle.

Maxwell says the ultracapacitor is not affected by loads such as lights, HVAC, television and other in-cab or sleeper-powered devices, which can drain power during extended use.

“Uptime and reliability are two advantages our customers expect from Peterbilt and this new technology is one way to help bring those to even greater levels,” said Peterbilt marketing manager of on-highway products, Anthony Gansle.

“Our aerodynamic Model 579 and vocational Model 567 equipped with the Maxwell ESM will provide customers with confidence their vehicles will be ready to move when they need to move.”

For his part, Maxwell Technologies CEO, Franz Fink added: “Expanding our Engine Start Module’s availability in North America is an ongoing goal, and our relationship with Peterbilt is the next step in meeting the demands of our customers in the US and Canada.

“Now more fleet owners and operators will be able to benefit from the reliable performance of the ESM in providing starting assurance for on-time deliveries and improved uptime.”

Maxwell’s ESM uses ultracapacitor technology to improve the performance of engine cranking, helping heavy-duty engines to reliably start in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees to +149 degrees Fahrenheit with Maxwell’s ESM installed.