JD Power and Associates has announced at its 2007 Automotive Marketing and Advertising Issues Briefing that it has formed a collaboration with Mediamark Research Inc. (MRI) to jointly develop a pair of supplements to its media studies.

The collaboration was announced to more than 200 automotive marketing and advertising professionals at the JD Power and Associates annual review of leading trends, opportunities and challenges in automotive marketing and media in Torrance, Calif.

The JD Power and Associates-MRI products are designed to offer auto marketers, their agencies and publishers the psychographic data on new-vehicle buyers. These data were previously unavailable for this segment of the population.

JD Power says that while MRI psychographics are the most widely used and respected batteries of lifestyle and attitude questions, there has never been a product to deliver these attributes, along with the magazine and cable network consumption patterns of recent new-vehicles buyers that is provided by the JD Power Car and Truck Report.

The MRI Psychographic Supplement to the JD Power report will be available in May 2007.

“We are very excited about the J.D. Power and Associates-MRI products, which are truly a breakthrough for the industry,” said Gene Cameron, vice president of media solutions at J.D. Power and Associates. “Prior to this study, marketers had to infer psychographics from the total audience of a magazine and not specifically to new-vehicle buyers. As auto marketers offer more models to serve customers’ lifestyles and attitudes, we can now provide them with guidance on where and how to advertise to reach those specific customers, enabling marketers to implement much more effective and efficient marketing and communication strategies.”

The new data integration was achieved through a statistical technique known as data fusion, which was applied in a proprietary manner by MRI. The psychographics will also be included in the JD Power and Associates 2007 Online Media Study(SM) to be released in August of this year.

“MRI is considered the ‘go to’ company for marketers who need a high resolution view of consumers — who they are, what they buy, how they think and how to reach them,” said Kathi Love, MRI President and CEO. “In recent years we’ve added hundreds of psychographic questions to our Survey of the American Consumer, because people with similar demographics often have dissimilar approaches to consumer products and product categories. We’re delighted to team with a research company as respected as JD Power and Associates to help auto marketers and publishers get the most from MRI’s psychographic targeting muscle.”