General Motors has cancelled plans for a new Buick SUV announced less than two weeks ago after potential customers said the model lacked “premium characteristics” .

The company said on August 6 that planned to build the new model which would include a plug-in hybrid version. However, vice-chairman Tom Stephens said on his company blog that the project has been axed after the SUV and other future vehicles were shown to consumers, dealers, employees, analysts and news reporters.

He said that at the product event the planned SUV “received consistent feedback from large parts of all the audiences that it didn’t fit the premium characteristics that customers have come to expect from Buick.”

Stephens added that the speed of the cancellation shows that GM since emerging from bankruptcy last month “is listening and moving quickly”.

Bloomberg noted that Chief Executive Officer Fritz Henderson has said he wants GM to be more responsive to customers and make decisions quickly.

Stephens added that the plug-in hybrid technology that was to be used for the Buick SUV will be applied to another, as yet unspecified vehicle.