Just two months after producing the one millionth TorqueFlite eight-speed automatic transmission, FCA US facilities in Indiana celebrated another milestone – production of the one millionth 948TE nine-speed ‘box.

FCA North America manufacturing chief Brian Harlow said: “Five years ago, when Chrysler Group announced that it would build the nine-speed automatic transmission in Indiana, it was a huge vote of confidence in the skills, knowledge and expertise of our local workforce, especially because ITPI would be the first plant ever to build the nine-speed. This was a significant challenge, but an even greater opportunity. There was a lot riding on our employees’ ability to deliver.

“As we celebrate the millionth nine-speed produced, I can honestly say that everyone involved rose to the challenge and exceeded expectations,” Harlow told employees at a ceremony to mark the milestone. “You have proven that our decision to invest here was a wise one.”