The ‘cash for clunkers’ scrappage scheme launched only this week in the US has been so successful that the government is today considering extra funding.

Republicans in the US House of Representatives will not try to block passage of a possible US$2bn extension of the officially titled CARS programme, a House Republican leadership aide told Reuters on Friday.

While many Republicans likely will end up voting against the bill, Republican leaders will not try to stop it from passing in the Democrat-controlled House, the aide said.

A vote could come later today and the amount could change, one House Democratic aide told the news agency.

Reports earlier today said dealers had in less than a week processed enough orders under the scheme – which provides up to $4,500 towards the purchase of vehicles more fuel efficient than those traded in – to account for all of the $1bn government funding originally allocated.

Reuters earlier today quoted a top Ford sales official as saying sales had picked up “dramatically” since the programme launched.