The Ukrainian News reports that AvtoKrAZ is planning to sell 500 trucks to Pakistan.

“A preliminary agreement was signed on July 21,” said the company’s ‘Director for Image Policy’, Mykola Skyba. The deal could be finalised within two months.

Some of the 500 vehicles will be right hand drive.

Pakistan is also reportedly considering the possibility of acquiring 80 vehicles from AvtoKrAZ with trailers for the transportation of bulldozers and containers.

Pakistan is currently running 232 AvtoKrAZ vehicles for which it plans to order repairs from representatives of the AvtoKrAZ plant.

AvtoKraz produces heavy haulers, dump-body trucks, timber trucks, board trucks and trailers as well as chassis for building cranes, concrete mixers, and installations for the extraction of oil and gas.

Last year the plant sold 2,012 trucks.

The plant intends to increase sales to 3,500-4,000 trucks per annum.