For the third consecutive year, Mazda has been named most reliable car manufacturer in the UK by independent warranty specialist, Warranty Direct.

“Mazda continues to be head and shoulders above the rest,” said spokesman Duncan McClure-Fisher. “Problems are few and far between, and its cars age well. Infrequent garage visits, quick repair times and reasonable bills have helped consolidate its position.”

Mazda averaged just 16 failures per 100 claims with Warranty Direct – scoring higher on reliability than Honda, Toyota and General Motors Europe’s Opel-designed Vauxhall models.

Warranty Direct said Mazda has an excellent reputation for low cost replacement parts and low servicing costs in the UK, which is reflected in its survey showing the average repair bill for the brand at £275. In comparison, rival Japanese brands Toyota (£443.23) and Nissan (£390.57) trailed Mazda significantly on average repair bills.