Following other European automakers who have made a similar move recently, Peugeot has launched ‘Blue Lion’ sub-branding to identify its most environment-friendly models.

The designation is applied to the 50 models it sells with CO2 emissions 130 g/km or lower, manufactured in an ISO 14001 certificated manufacturing plant and designed to be 95% recyclable.

Peugeot also sells 33 models with CO2 emissions of 120 g/km or lower.

“Not only does it bring down the environmental cost but, it also reduces on-going fuel and vehicle excise duty costs (aka ‘road tax’) by increasing the vehicle’s miles per gallon capabilities and ensuring many Blue Lion Cars fall into the lowest vehicle excise duty band,” Peugeot’s UK unit said in a statement.

Costs to enter the current London congestion charge area “could also be significantly reduced”, the automaker added.

Ford and Renault have recently introduced their own low-CO2 sub-brands here in the UK which charges an annual tax based on a vehicle’s emissions. There has also been a spate of new model versions retuned to achieve 119g, which slots them into the lowest tax ‘band’.

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