PSA Peugeot Citroen ranks highest amongst vehicle manufacturers in terms of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy, closely followed by Ford and GM.

Nissan, Honda and BMW languish at the bottom of the table.

These are the results of a recent assessment of the CSR strategies of 50 global companies including 10 vehicle manufacturers, published as the Accountability Rating 2006, and produced by Accountability, a think tank on corporate and organisational accountability, and UK CSR consultancy Csrnetwork.

The report measures the extent to which companies have built responsible practices into the way they do business and looks at how well they account for the impact of their actions on their stakeholders.

CSR is becoming an increasingly important business area. “One of the fundamental tenets of CSR is that those companies that understand and respond to stakeholders will be able to sense trends, risks and opportunities in the market and gain a long-term competitive advantage,” said CSR network chief consultant Todd Cort.

The analysis is based on a range of factors such as whether the company engages in dialogue with people affected by its business, and if senior executives properly consider stakeholder issues when setting strategy and formulating corporate policy.

Sue Brown