Automotive industry professionals across the world can now turn to’s AMANDA to provide competitor, product and market intelligence.

AMANDA (Automated Members Article and News Delivery Agent), is an exclusive service for members designed to provide customised information at any predetermined time and date. The system alerts members each time new content appears matching specific criteria.

AMANDA is already being used by information professionals to track specific sub-sectors, geographic regions, people movement, brand development, product launches and competitor activities. Each alert provides the information wanted at the time needed.

Features include:

· A choice of pre-defined topics such as “Top 30 Component Suppliers” or “Asia Pacific News”

· The ability to search using keywords in addition to pre-defined topics

· Advanced searching criteria allowing users to specify what should NOT be included in the alert as well as what MUST be included

· Flexible scheduling allowing both delivery time and day to be specified

· A choice of HTML or plain text formats

· Definition of multiple alerts allowing tracking of different industry sectors

· Each alert can have its own delivery schedule and set of filters

· Vacation option allows turning off of individual alerts during vacation or other out of office times

AMANDA is currently available free to all full members of Members benefit from being able so save as many profiles as they want – allowing repeated and permanent updates on the markets, companies, brands and sectors globally.

Membership is currently only £50 a year – approx US$75. Further membership details are at:

For more details, see the Amanda’s User Guide or email her direct at

All automotive industry professionals are welcome to challenge Amanda to find the information they want at:

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