Suzuki says that JD Power has named the Suzuki Alto ‘the most dependable city car’ in the 2015 UK Vehicle Dependability StudySM (VDS).

The study looks at issues experiences by car owners in the past 12 month period after 12-36 months of ownership. Some 177 problem areas across 8 categories are examined and are scored by the number of issues experienced per 100 vehicles (PP100), with the lowest scores reflecting the best dependability.

Overall, Suzuki ranks 3rd place with 86 PP100 which is a significant margin over the industry average of 114 PP100. This, Suzuki maintains, is a strong position as Suzuki joins 7 other volume manufacturers in the top 10, with premium manufacturers occupying the other 2 places. The average score for volume manufacturers is 103 PP100, compared with 155 PP100 for premium manufacturers.

UK Aftersales Director, Denis Houston said: “The results of the latest JD Power survey are very encouraging, and demonstrate Suzuki’s commitment to building reliable, dependable cars. It is great to hear that customers are satisfied with their purchases 12 months into owning their cars and we hope to continue this trend with the rest of our range.”