A report on the BBC’s website says that Indian vehicle maker Tata is hoping to sell its small hatchback ‘Indica’ in the UK via a distribution deal with MG Rover.

The report says that a Tata spokesman told the BBC that Tata envisages shifting some 12,000 units of the car per annum in the UK.

The Indica is the first passenger car developed completely in India and is Tata’s only passenger car model. However, sales and profitability on the model in India are said to have disappointed. Another substantial market for Indicars could help.

MG Rover is staying quiet on the possibility of any deal.

The Indicar may appeal to MG Rover dealers who have been concerned about the product line-up gap that resulted when MG Rover stopped making the Metro in 1999.

The Rover 25 is considered slightly too large for many traditional supermini customers, so the Indicar could plug that entry-level gap. Re-badging is an option that may be considered.