Toyota has posted record high global vehicle production in March, boosted by an output surge at factories outside Japan.

Toyota said worldwide output in the month of March hit 866,775 units, some 2.8% ahead of last year. However, the total was lifted by production at plants outside of Japan, which was up 13.6% to 605,016 units. The trend inside Japan was another story: output at Toyota factories in Japan was down 15.8% on last year at 261,759 units.

Domestic plants were hit in March by a number of difficulties including an earthquake, which led to production suspensions at 17 of Toyota’s 28 domestic production lines, including facilities run by Hino and Daihatsu. Supply chains were disrupted, although there was little damage to Toyota facilities.

The beginning of the month also saw some disruption to Toyota output in Japan caused by a cyber attack at Kojima Industries.

Some analysts also caution that market demand in Japan is weakening as the economy comes under pressure from higher costs and inflation.