Ahead of the US launch of its 2023 bZ4X battery electric SUV later this year, Toyota Motor North America said it will work with ChargePoint, the EV charging network, to offer customers home and public charging products.

“We want to instill a feeling of confidence in our bZ4X customers by providing a variety of charging options both at home and away to serve each customer’s unique charging needs and preferences,” said Christopher Yang, VP of EV Charging Solutions at Toyota.

“The ChargePoint home charger and public charging network will further enhance our customers’ ownership experience of the bZ4X.”

For home charging, customers will have the option to purchase a ChargePoint Home Flex Level 2 charger from participating Toyota dealerships or directly from ChargePoint online. The charger is Energy Star certified and Wi-Fi enabled, can be installed indoors or out, comes with a 23-foot charging cable to support different parking configurations and can charge electric vehicles up to nine times faster than a standard outlet.

TNA said the home charger can charge the bZ4X up to 25 miles of range per hour and fully recharge the battery when plugged in overnight.

Qmerit will help guide owners through the process of locating a certified EV charger installer, offering an initial free quote and additional services to support them through to installation completion.

“Qmerit is delighted to offer its residential installation services to bZ4X customers, as over 80% of all L2 charging in the US takes place at home,” said Tracy Price, CEO of Qmerit.

ChargePoint also offers an extensive public network of Level 2 and Level 3 (DC fast) chargers, including roaming partner stations, across North America. The deal with Toyota means bZ4X drivers can access more than 80% of charging spots in North America.

Using ChargePoint public charging allows Toyota to offer bZ4X owners the convenience of being able to quickly find, use and pay for charging via an app.