Honda says it will show a production model of a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle car at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

Tentatively dubbed ‘FCV’, Honda claims the car is a world first because the entire fuel-cell powertrain is consolidated under the bonnet of a sedan-type vehicle. This powertrain layout, Honda says, enables a full cabin package that seats five adults comfortably.

Honda also says the FCV features a cruising range of more than 700 km and “exhilarating driving made possible by the high-output motors”. Furthermore, when combined with an external power feeding inverter, this FCV can function as a “mobile power plant” that generates and provides electricity to the community in the case of an emergency, it is claimed.

Honda is working with General Motors on a next-generation hydrogen fuel-cell stack and hydrogen storage systems. GM has recently confirmed its plans to jointly develop a commercially viable fuel cell vehicle with Honda “in the 2020 timeframe”.