Isuzu plans to raise its production capacity to 200,000 per year, supported by brisk sales of D-Max pickup trucks, the Bangkok Post reports.

With back order piling up the Isuzu plant in Samut Prakan is running beyond full capacity, after adding additional work shifts and implementing overtime work schedules to increase vehicle production.

Tri Petch Isuzu Sales Co’s president Goro Shintani said sales of D-Max pickups were expected to increase by 18,000 units this year to 140,000 units, enabling the Japanese-based automaker to retain the top position in the pickup market.

De-bottlenecking capacity at the Samut Prakan plant will be employed to raise its vehicle production to 150,000 units next year if the strong demand for D-Max pickups continues.

Later in 2005, the company will look to make a major investment to boost production capacity to 200,000. The plan is still under study.