Test World has launched a new all-electric ASTM Traction Truck, designed to conduct ASTM 1805 tyre evaluation.

The Test World ASTM Traction Truck will enable customers to test their winter tyres to the ASTM 1805 standard.

The truck is designed for testing tyres according to the ASTM 1805 test standard for single wheel driving traction in a straight line on snow-covered surfaces. The standard helps drivers to identify tyres which provide a higher level of snow traction.

Tyres meeting the standard are branded with the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol.

The test method employs an instrumented, rear-wheel drive test vehicle; the Test World Traction Truck, to measure average longitudinal and vertical forces acting on the test tyre in acceleration.

Test World says it is the first European provider to offer ASTM 1805 testing and that its Traction Truck is also the world’s first all-electric iteration of such a test vehicle.

The electric drive truck also provides more test options compared to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, as it is easier to fine-tune test parameters for different tyre sizes.

“Customers no longer need to send their tyres to the US if they wish to test to the ASTM 1805 standard, and, thanks to Test World’s indoor facilities, it is the only venue globally that can provide year-round testing,” said Test World technical director, Jukka Antila

Test World parent company, Millbrook, is merging with French company, UTAC CERAM.

Test World’s year-round snow and ice testing will be complemented by the UTAC CERAM Millbrook laboratory tests and soon-to-be opened proving ground in Morocco.

Test World is based in Northern Finland and specialises in vehicle and tyre testing in winter conditions.

It offers snow and ice tracks and the world’s first indoor winter test facilities for testing on natural snow and ice, as well as wet and dry braking with aquaplaning.