Recognizing European automotive technology leadership, Motorola has revealed at its first “Heart of Smart” DigitalDNA(TM) Press Event in Montreux, Switzerland, that it will be joining Virtual Prototypes Inc.’s Automotive Technical Advisory Board (AUTOTAB). The AUTOTAB is comprised of select Virtual Prototypes’ automotive customers and recognized industry leaders, who, in exchange for membership, are given key roles in influencing the development and direction of Virtual Prototypes’ products.

The current AUTOTAB consists of three seats held by DaimlerChrysler, Magneti Marelli and Virtual Prototypes Inc. This forum is intended to bridge the gap between design needs and engineering solutions geared toward the future development of automotive electronic systems in Europe and other geographical locations. The AUTOTAB plans on developing and facilitating a consistent direction for the future of human machine interface technologies within driver information systems that may be adopted by corporate non-members as well as members.

“I believe that clear standards for Intelligent Transportation Systems from Virtual Prototypes’ AUTOTAB will have the effect of accelerating implementation of this new technology for the consumer, while reducing costs with the economies of scale,” noted Scott Anderson, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of Motorola’s Transportation Systems Group in Austin Texas. “Utilizing Motorola’s DigitalDNA(TM) technology, such as the mobileGT(TM) architecture, Motorola will be able to supply components, content and services, platforms and architectures to implement these systems.”

Virtual Prototypes is recognized by many of its automotive customers as having a leading role within this market domain. Motorola’s Driver Information System mobileGT(TM) technology utilizes VPI development tools to define intelligent transportation systems (ITS).

“We recognize and appreciate the opportunity to work in conjunction with leaders from within the global automotive industry to set future directions of in-vehicle display development tools,” added Philippe Collard, President and Chief Executive Officer of Virtual Prototypes. “Working with the world’s premier provider of embedded processors alongside leading automotive manufacturers will not only provide for the further development of automotive-focused technology, but will allow for certain advantageous amenities. Within a very few years, we envision a full-featured driver information system — costing no more than an adequately upgraded audio system does today — as standard in most high-end vehicles.”

About Virtual Prototypes Inc.

Founded in 1985, Virtual Prototypes is a leading supplier of software tools for the development of real-time, interactive graphical applications. Headquartered in Montreal, Virtual Prototypes has offices and distributors throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, and Asia. Virtual Prototypes’ customers include 350 leaders in the aerospace, automotive and other high-technology industries in more than 25 countries. Virtual Prototypes can be reached at (514) 341-3874, or at its Web site,

About Motorola

As the world’s #1 producer of embedded processors, Motorola’s Semiconductor Products Sector offers multiple DigitalDNA(TM) technologies that enable its customers to create “smart” products and new business opportunities in the networking and computing, wireless communications, transportation, and imaging and entertainment markets. Motorola’s worldwide semiconductor sales were $7.4 billion (USD) in 1999.

Motorola, Inc. is a global leader in providing integrated communications solutions and embedded electronic solutions. Sales in 1999 were $33.1 billion.

Motorola is a registered trademark and DigitalDNA and mobileGT are trademarks of Motorola, Inc.

For more information, please contact: Jim Farrell of Motorola, 512-895-2035,;
or Jackie Gugliotti of Virtual Prototypes Inc., 514-341-3874, jackie@VirtualPrototypes.CA; or Michael Beno of Ruder Finn/Chicago, 312-329-3970,, for Motorola.