One of Saab‘s major unions says it will offer its members short-term loans to cover the automaker’s decision to temporarily suspend white collar wages.

The Unionen labour body, which represents around 1,000 of Saab’s 4,000 or so staff, held a meeting this morning (27 July) to discuss the crisis, the second time in as many months the manufacturer has been unable to settle salaries.

“We have just decided we will start the process…so we can offer them [members] the possibility to loan them money,” a Unionen spokeswoman told just-auto from Stockholm.

“We will start communicating that to our members today. Workers in IF Metall [blue collar] got their salaries on Monday as planned…there are 1,000 white collar members affected at Saab.”

According to Unionen the payment stop is due to Saab not receiving money from a “loan giver,” but no further details are as yet available as to its identity.

Yesterday (26 July), Saab noted it was unable to fund white collar salaries as “some of the funds that were committed by investors were not paid in time to effect such salary payments.”

Unionen confirmed it had had a telephone meeting with the leadership of Saab this morning, with the automaker assuring the labour body it was working on a solution, although no date was given as to when owed wages would be paid. Saab is due to talk again to Unionen tomorrow.

Saab’s Trollhattan factory continues to stay shuttered pending complicated negotiations involving potential Chinese partners, with an earliest restart date mooted for the end of August.