Haldex AB, a maker of automotive safety equipment, has been invited to participate in an EU-funded development project for future brake systems on trucks.

The development project called SPARC (Secure Propulsion using Advanced Redundant Control) is coordinated by Daimler Chrysler AG’s Commercial Vehicle Division. The project lasts for three years with a budget of €14.2 million and is part of the EU’s sixth framework programme IST.

The overall objective of the SPARC project is to substantially improve traffic safety and efficiency for heavy commercial vehicles by using advanced electronic systems, including preventive safety systems which compensate for driver mistakes. Verification will be conducted in full scale vehicle testing.

Haldex is one of 20 participants in the project and contributes with both electrically actuated disc brakes in heavy trucks and subsystems for trailers including electronically controlled braking (EBS) with electric disc brakes and suspension systems.

The ambition is to create a safe system with an open architecture which has defined and standardised interfaces, as well as to develop a common European homologation procedure for heavy truck and trailer combinations.