Stellantis has announced a new organisation for the UK which, it said, would “create a structure that integrates the multiple retailer contact points, simplifies policies and procedures and improves communication while maintaining the integrity of the respective brands”.

A new premium brand organisation would bring together Alfa Romeo and DS Automobiles to “ensure consistency in developing the agency model for these brands from 2023 and also ensure the demands of these customers can be met more effectively”.

Stellantis said its mainstream brands – Citroen, Fiat/Abarth, Jeep, Peugeot and Vauxhall would remain as distinct organisations.

A new network operations department would bring together the sales and vehicle flow functions and implement a new multibrand regional structure for the mainstream brands. The aim was to reduce complexity, simplify programmes and policies, and increase the standard and consistency of communication with retailers.

Customer experience would become a group office function “focusing efforts across all our brands to improve the experience of our customers”.

Group offices were already in place for customer management, B2B, LCV, network development, parts and service, finance, communications and events and used vehicles.

Current group office management remains unchanged.

Stellantis has named appointees to multiple new roles, including managing directors for each brand, effective from January 2023.

Paul Willcox, UK group managing director, said: “We have a significant electrified product offensive in the coming years placing us well ahead of the government’s mandate for zero-emission vehicles. Our new management structure for our UK operations prepares us for the future and leverages our core strengths. We anticipate significant opportunities for our retail partners through this restructure with a clear strategic direction.”