Six hundred workers at the Opel plant at Figueruelas near Zaragoza in Spain will be laid off temporarily in November because of a fall in demand, General Motors Europe said on Friday.

The layoffs, designed “to adjust production to meet actual market demand, will last from November (2009) to March 2010,” a spokeswoman for GM in Spain told news agency AFP.

The measure is the third staff-cutting move at the plant, located in Figueruelas in northeast Spain, since the start of the year, the report said.

The factory employs 7,000 making 1,800 Corsa small hatchback and Meriva MPV units a day though capacity is 2,150 units.

Union sources in Spain have said 1,700 jobs could be cut at Figueruelas if the Magna International-led consortium’s bid to buy majority control of Opel is signed off, as expected, as early as next month.