KIA Motors Corporation overseas retail sales of passenger cars and light trucks in December 2006 rose 18.2% year on year to 73,714 units.

The figures include vehicles assembled from Kd kits in foreign markets.

By region, North America posted a year-on-year sales rise of 57.5% in December with 32,380 units sold. Sales in Europe and the general market recorded 25,630 units (6.4% year-on-year decrease) and 15,704 units (8.7% year-on-year increase), respectively.

In full-year 2006, Kia’s overseas sales rose 3.8% year-on-year to 842,526 units, with North America showing the largest gain at 6.8%. European sales increased 3.4% while general market sales decreased 0.4%.

Kia’s best selling model in export markets in 2006 was the C-segment Cerato (known as ‘Spectra’ in some markets) with 132,392 units sold, closely followed by the A-segment Picanto with 130,169 units sold.