Santa Fe, the latest edition of Hyundai Motor’s efforts to go SUV, will go on sale domestically from today.

In an unveiling ceremony at the Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel in Seoul yesterday, Hyundai said Santa Fe was a “fusion vehicle” that combines the convenience of a passenger car with the safety and space that goes with sports utility vehicles (SUVs).

Hyundai said the vehicle was named after the U.S. city and built on the concept of “the will to get out of a routine in search of leisure and freedom,” accompanying the ultra-modern specifications that go with luxury sedans.

It has an LPG V6 engine, producing a maximum 160 horse-power and a displacement of 2.7 liters.

Hyundai said it passed with flying colors the safety test that was conducted under the same conditions as the U.S. official test.

Hyundai plans to produce and market 152,000 units per year _ 32,000 domestically and 120,000 for export.

The Santa Fe GVS is priced at 17.7 million to 24.43 million won, depending on specifications. The Gold model fetches 18.85 million won to 26.05 million won.

Hyundai said a total of 290 billion won was spent over a period of 27 months on development with an eye on the market of Isuzu‘s Rodeo and Toyota‘s RAV-4 and that Santa Fe with gasoline and diesel engines will be marketed from later this year.