Fiat Brazil’s flex-fuel Uno is to go on sale in South Africa, according to a local newspaper.

The Weekend Post said the car, with an engine which runs on petrol, ethanol or any combination of the two runs on alcohol made from either maize or sugar cane and noted that Fiat South Africa managing director Giorgio Gorelli had said the company would be involved in planting crops in KwaZulu Natal to make biofuels available in South Africa, once the car was launched there around July. Petrol-only Uno models would also be launched earlier.

The report noted there are reservations about the use of biofuels in South Africa, with environmentalists saying the space and water needed to fuel the industry would have a severe impact on the environment.

It has also been said to be immoral to grow food crops for fuel in South Africa, as cars would compete with the food security of the poor, the Weekend Post added.

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