Smart , the EV automaker owned by a JV between Daimler and Geely said its new #1 SUV would have Here Technologies ‘, connected vehicle services and software development kit (SDK ).

The #1 has been available for pre-order in select Europe markets since 18 October and pre orders will open in Austria, Belgium and the UK from the beginning of 2023.

The new EV uses Here’s map data, real time traffic plus POIs for on- and off-street parking.

These services will be delivered to car via global mobility tech company ECARX which developed the digital head unit and co-developed the Smart OS operating system with the automaker.

All #1 variants will have the real-time traffic service which provides information on traffic congestion and potential road hazards. That coupled with Parking is said to help drivers plan more efficiently by providing ETAs that take into account the time it takes to drive and to park while helping reduce time spent looking for parking by showing drivers where they are most likely to find available parking. The service also delivers information on pricing and restrictions, such as maximum parking duration, as well as no parking and loading zones. The parking feature is powered by historical and near real-time data coming from a “vast partner network ecosystem”, including vehicle sensors.

Smart uses the Here SDK to create a ‘mobile companion application’ which allows users to locate their vehicle’s position as well as nearby EV charging points.

The SDK also provides high fidelity vector maps of 190 countries in 60 languages with optimised data size for low latency download and response times. User tools enable map content customisation at various levels, such as highlighting important objects by changing colours and icons, and editing dynamic properties of cartography objects such as buildings, roads and land use.

“Here provides the digital services our urban users expect – like real-time traffic and efficient parking – all delivered in the consistent and original Smart look and feel,” said Smart Europe CEO Dirk Adelmann.