Škoda Auto DigiLab has unveiled its Citymove app helping users to decide whether or not to leave cars at home.

Using Citymove, a mix of mobility options is possible: busses, trams, the metro, rental bikes, taxis and ride-hailing cars.

Users can now select, book and pay for suitable means of transport which offer the best route.

Following a successful pilot phase, the app developed by Škoda Auto DigiLab is now available for Prague users free of charge.

For its launch, it consolidates the mobility services offered by Prague’s transport association, DPP: metro, bus, tram, ferry, Freebike e-bike sharing as well as ride-hailing service, Liftago.

Škoda Auto DigiLab is working on integrating other services, such as car parking recommendations. As soon as the user has entered the start and destination of their journey, Citymove calculates the best route and suggests suitable means of transport.
“Škoda Auto is consistently adding to its range of new mobility services,” said Skoda Auto chief digital officer, Andre Wehner.

“Citymove enables many people to choose the best transport option for every single route in the city. This is a first.”

Following a free download, available for Android and iOS, the user sets up an account to book any of the services.

E-bikes are paid for directly using the credit card details saved in the account, taxi rides are settled in the car and text message tickets for urban traffic will be included in the phone bill.

Drivers can now use the app to find parking spaces and zones, as well as pay their parking fees by credit card via phone.