AvtoVAZ and Nissan have inked a technical assistance deal to improve the efficiency of the Russian company’s plastic products manufacture.

The Russian automaker noted that following the upgrade in production, plastic parts would be made for the Lada, Nissan and Renault brands.

“This project is very important to us – we can achieve significant efficiency and [have a] more than 30% increase [in] productivity,” said AvtoVAZ president Igor Komarov.

“I hope this project will show what options AvtoVAZ [has] to increase the efficiency of other industries with technical assistance from our strategic partners. ” 

Financial details of the three-year deal were not immediately available,

“We are keen to work with Russian suppliers producing goods [at] world level,” said Nissan EVP Colin Dodge,

“We believe AvtoVAZ has great potential to be the most effective Russian car manufacturer in Russia. And Nissan intends to actively cooperate with AvtoVAZ in order to achieve this goal.”