Rightware and Desay SV Automotive, involved with Chinese vehicle electronics, say the latter’s G5 infotainment platform is now entering series production.

Rightware and Desay have worked together since 2012 in automotive cockpit development. In this partnership, Rightware’s Kanzi human-machine interface software is being widely used by Desay to create user interfaces for automotive cockpit products, including the new G5 infotainment system.

This co-operation in the development and use of Rightware Kanzi in G5 UI creation has now led to the commercial adoption of the G5 platform into series production by an unnamed Japanese automotive OEM.

“Rightware Kanzi is an excellent tool for us and it plays an important role in shortening our time to market,” said a Desay SV Automotive spokesman.

“We are happy to be a strategic partner of Rightware. We are already working on several new projects for leading OEMs using Rightware Kanzi.”

Rightware is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland with presence in Silicon Valley, Detroit, Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, London and Munich.

In the past 30 years, Desay SV has committed itself to the research, development, and manufacturing of in-vehicle infotainment systems, climate control, driver information display, display systems, body control modules and driver assistance systems.