Renault has stopped production at its Revoz plant in Novo Mesto, Slovenia and has urged staff to stay at home and follow national authorities' instructions in the light of the coronavirus pandemic.

"At this time it is not possible to estimate when the conditions for restarting production will be established," said a Renault statement. "This will depend on both the situation in the country and the decisions of Groupe Renault.

"However, the company anticipates commercial activity will be reactivated quickly after the crisis. Once the crisis is over, appropriate measures will be implemented, in agreement with the social representation, enabling us to do what is necessary to meet the significant commercial demand we foresee.

"Employees and business partners will be informed about all key information regarding the Revoz activities and restart of production through the company's mobile application and website."

Revoz is a wholly-owned Renault subsidiary, the only car manufacturer in Slovenia and one of the country's biggest exporters.