Nikola, through its Energy division and TravelCenters of America, are to collaborate on the installation of hydrogen fuelling stations for heavy-duty trucks at two existing TA-Petro sites.

The collaboration is a first step for the parties to explore the mutual development of a nationwide network of hydrogen fuelling stations and is subject to negotiation and execution of definitive documentation acceptable to the parties.

The first two stations will be constructed at existing TA-Petro locations in California and are targeted to be commercially operational by Q1, 2023. The stations are expected to accelerate adoption of hydrogen fuel-cell-powered commercial electric trucks.

Paired with the expected 500-mile range of the previously-announced Nikola Tre fuel-cell electric vehicle, the launch stations will enable operations of zero-emission heavy-duty commercial vehicles in and around the greater Los Angeles region and north through California’s Central Valley.

The two hydrogen fuelling stations in consideration for development by Nikola and TA-Petro will provide for an open fuelling network available to any truck customer and will follow a common industry standard for heavy-duty fuelling protocols, ensuring compatibility across all hydrogen fuel-cell truck manufacturers.

“Today we announce an important advancement in enabling the growth of heavy-duty fuel-cell electric vehicles by partnering with a leader in commercial fuelling sites and high quality customer services,” said Nikola president of Energy and Commercial, Pablo Koziner.

“Our collaboration in Southern California will form a basis for building an expanded network of hydrogen fuelling stations for Nikola vehicle customers and for industry use overall. This collaboration forms an essential part in delivering the hydrogen-based ecosystem required to advance zero emission solutions for commercial trucks.”