Nexteer Automotive has announced that the Dongfeng Nexteer Steering Systems (Wuhan) Co., Ltd., joint venture (JV) with Dongfeng Motor Parts and Components Group Co., Ltd. (Dongfeng Components), has begun the mass production of Single Pinion Assist Electric Power Steering (SPEPS) systems.

“The start-of-production of the JV indicates an increasing alignment between two companies. We will be closer, faster and more focused on serving customers such as Dongfeng Motor Group, and we will further lay the solid foundation for Nexteer’s strategy for long-term profitable growth,” said Jun Li, Nexteer Global Vice President and Asia Pacific President.

Dongfeng Nexteer Steering Systems (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. produces SPEPS systems, which are currently featured in A-C segment vehicles for Nexteer customers including BMW and Groupe PSA.

Electric Power Steering (EPS) uses an electric motor to assist driver steering. Nexteer says its  EPS hardware and software are developed concurrently and work together to connect the driver with the road – taking into account driving dynamics and the operating environment. This “connection to the road” provides the driver with an experience consistent with the vehicle’s brand (such as luxury, sport, etc.), while also giving important safety cues regarding road surface (such as icy, gravel, etc.).

Nexteer maintains that its EPS also enables Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) features, such as lane keeping, park assist, active return to centre, traffic jam assist and more. Further, the company claims its EPS systems ‘share the same building blocks needed for future semi-automated and automated driving experiences’.