NewMotion has announced a roaming partnership with UK charge point operator, Osprey Charging, formerly Engenie.

With the partnership, 259 rapid connections are added to NewMotion’s public charging network.

NewMotion recently connected the 170,000th charge point to its roaming network and now counts more than 3,000 charging locations in the UK.

Osprey Charging operates a nationwide network of rapid DC charge points that charge at 50kW, with higher power chargers coming soon. The rapid chargers can provide 80-100 miles of range in 20-30 minutes, depending on the model of electric vehicle (EV). In comparison, an AC 7-22kW charge point can take 4-11 hours to fully charge an EV battery.

NewMotion and Osprey Charging are part of Hubject’s international intercharge network, the platform for B2B interoperability services with more than 750 partners worldwide. Hubject provides open and standardised interfaces for its partners to on-board and start roaming with other cross-country and cross-operator industry players.

“Drivers value fast charging when they are on the go and together we can now offer a charging experience whether drivers are at work, home or out and about,” said NewMotion UK GM, Alan McCleave.

“It’s great to see roaming partnerships are becoming the norm here in the UK as our EV market continues to mature and the need for easy access to charging infrastructure grows. Using Hubject’s intercharge platform to facilitate this roaming partnership offers a reliable connection to the Osprey network.

“We’re always looking for more partners with open networks, who want to make EV charging easy for drivers.”