Sales of new passenger cars in Croatia rose by 67.1% year on year in June, reaching 6,936, compared with 4,150 in the same month of last year, reported, citing market research agency Promocija Plus.

On a monthly comparison basis, new car sales increased by 54.7% from May’s 4,483 sold units, Promocija Plus said in a statement.

In the first five months of 2021, new car sales in Croatia increased by 49.7% year-on-year, reaching 26,103.

Volkswagen was the top-selling brand in the country of some 4.2m people with 880 vehicles sold in June, up from 529 in May. Opel was the runner-up with 874 cars sold in June, up from 237 in May. Skoda was third with 672 sold vehicles in June, up from May’s 458.

The best-selling car models in Croatia in May were the Opel Corsa, of which 510 units were sold, followed by the Hyndai Tucscon with 256 and Renault Clio with 234.

New car sales in Croatia decreased by 42.7% to 36,084 last year.