A further twist in the Rover saga has emerged, according to the Daily Telepgraph newspaper.

Dutch company MG Rover Nederland claims that it owns the rights to sell MG branded cars in 15 European countries, including Italy, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Russia.

This means that Nanjing Automotive does not have the rights to the brand in those countries, according to the paper.

MG Rover Nederland’s administrator, Georg van Daal, discovered that he had the rights to between 15 and 20 brands shortly after taking over the administration last year.

Nanjing Automotive reportedly contacted van Daal demanding that they be signed over for free, but Nanjing has so far failed to provide any documentation.

Van Daal said that he has had enquiries for the rights from five different parties and that if he does not receive any acceptable offers he will likely auction them off after they have been valued.