Mobilize is launching its Battery Certificate, an application allowing owners of Renault and Dacia EVs to create a document showing remaining energy capacity directly on smartphones or the internet.

The application is available via My Renault for individual customers and Easy Connect for Fleet for corporate clients, while Dacia Spring users can access it via My Dacia.

Data used to prepare the certificate are collected via the Battery Management System (BMS), or are calculated using driving and charging time data. This gives a snapshot of the battery’s state of health (SOH); current capacity as a percentage of its initial capacity. For example, if the SOH of a 40 kWh battery is 94%, the residual capacity is 37.6 kWh.

The certificate is available for Renault Zoe E-Tech 100% Electric, Renault Kangoo E-Tech 100% Electric 33 kWh, and Twingo E-Tech100% Electric. The service will be extended to future Renault electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, as well as to Dacia’s EV range.

As a means of fostering electric mobility uptake, the company has also created the Mobilize Charge Pass, a service dedicated to EV powering while on the road.

The My Renault app can be used to locate the nearest available charging station compatible with the specific vehicle; it also displays the price and shows the best route. Once the vehicle is plugged in, the charging session can be started using the Mobilize Charge Pass, previously paired with a means of payment.

With a single app, Mobilize Charge Pass provides access to a network of more than 260,000 charging points in 25 countries throughout Europe.

Currently available in Germany and Spain, the app will be rolled out elsewhere in the coming months.

The Mobilize Smart Charge app equally allows Renault EV owners to optimise the cost of powering their car at home.

The app controls vehicle charging according to peaks and troughs in electricity power generation and consumption. In concrete terms, the app stops charging the battery when the power grid is experiencing high consumption and resumes charging when the grid is back to surplus available power. This indirectly helps incorporate more renewable energy in the mix and is useful for maintaining a balanced grid.

Mobilize Smart Charge calculates the optimal charging schedule by taking into account grid capacity, the availability of renewable energy sources, electricity prices and the user’s charging preferences (that is, desired charge level, start time).

The app is currently available in France and the Netherlands for owners of Twingo E-Tech 100% Electric and Zoe E-Tech 100% Electric.