Mazda booked a 21% year on year increase in EU sales in 2015, selling 211,000 vehicles, its third consecutive year of growth in the 20% range.

The performance was well ahead of the overall market, which expanded by 9.2%, for European market share of 1.5%.

Mazda 2 sales rose 45% for the year to more than 36,000.

Sales surged 54% in Spain, which led growth among the five biggest national markets, followed by France (up 39%) and Italy (+36%). All three passed the 60% mark during the fourth quarter. The UK and Germany saw 20% and 11% growth for the year, respectively, or 18% and 32% for the quarter.

Elsewhere, the Netherlands (+52%), Slovenia (+47%), Turkey (+35%), Portugal (+34%), Switzerland and Belgium (both +32%), topped the list. These six markets and several others also closed 2015 on a high, with the Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland and Cyprus more than doubling their fourth quarter unit turnover relative to the same period in 2014.