Mann+Hummel has joined the UK Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality (WCRAQ).

The Commission aims to achieve improvements in air quality by using evidence-based research to shape policy and improve legislation.

“Ensuring cleaner air is our daily business,” said Mann+Hummel Key Account manager, Wolverhampton, Mark Biddulph.

“Mann+Hummel has decades of filtration experience, whether in the area of mobility, air or water. With our technologies, we help to separate the useful from the harmful and thus make the world a cleaner place.

“Therefore, we are very happy to now be part of WCRAQ commission and work together with the other members to drive action to address poor air quality on the roads.”

The Commission consists of working groups to discuss, debate and agree on policy recommendations. With quarterly reports, they support the All-Party Parliamentary Clean Air Group vice-chairman, Barry Sheerman.

The members of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Air Pollution include Members of Parliament and colleagues, who are committed to the issue of air quality.

“We all have the same goal: To improve the quality of the air we breathe, now and for future generations,” added Biddulph.

“We will actively participate in the working groups and are convinced we can make a valuable contribution with our expertise.”