Mahle is expanding its charging solutions for electric cars.

With the newly-introduced chargeBIG Power charging management system, the nearly 1,000 chargeBIG charging points installed for long-term parking are an addition to fast charging with outputs of up to 750 kW.

ChargeBIG Power builds on the chargeBIG principle: the charging management system can be integrated into existing infrastructure; particularly on long-distance routes, where there is still a lack of fast-charging options.

Using control of the load distribution in the power grid, the charging system enables as many electric vehicles as possible to be charged from the available power supply at the same time.

By selecting the tariff, the user can order the charging capacity that fits the electric vehicle and travel plan.

The supplier notes its future focus is on a trio of sustainable drives comprising the electric motor, fuel cell and use of non-fossil fuels in the combustion engine.